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Same propane. Better price.

Members of Tankfarm buy propane together to get better pricing and better terms from top suppliers. You’ll still work with one supplier who will install or maintain your tank, make your deliveries, respond to any service requests and bill you directly. The only difference is as a Tankfarm member you’ll pay an average 50 cents to $1.00 a gallon less for your propane.

Buying power

We offer to bring our suppliers hundreds of homes as new customers if they sign up for our program. That’s a lot of propane. And they’re willing to make less per gallon on us than others because of how much we buy. That’s how we save you so much money.

No fees or bad terms

We don’t allow our suppliers to lock you in for years, or to charge you for anything other than propane. As long as you’re on automatic delivery, everything from your tank to your deliveries is free. You just pay for the fuel you use. Period.

Great service

One of our rules at Tankfarm is we refuse to place our members with any propane company we wouldn’t use to take care of our own homes and families. Our dealers are simply the best. And let’s be frank- we buy a lot of propane from them. They want to keep you and us happy as a result. That means great service for you.


Tankfarm is an endorsed benefit program for over 1,000,000 union households

New York State United Teachers

Civil Service Employees Association

Massachusetts Teachers Association