Great news! Tankfarm is saving hundreds for propane consumers in .
Our Tankfarm Member price in your area for your usage type today is:

per gallon
*Applying to join Tankfarm is free and does not obligate you to purchase propane through us. It will reserve you a spot in our program and entitle you to a free review of your application for approval by us and our supplier. Once your application is accepted, you’ll be contacted with the earliest possible set up date.

This price includes:

Free tanks

If you need a tank, you’ll get one (or more) at no charge - ever.

No extra fees

It doesn’t cost a penny to join or belong to Tankfarm. And we don’t let our suppliers charge our members any fees. You only pay for propane as a member of Tankfarm.

Free safety inspection and gas check

Before our supplier delivers to you, they’ll make sure that your tank and your appliances have been pressure tested- at no cost to you.

Fair price protection guarantee

As a member of Tankfarm your price is indexed to the wholesale price of propane. Which means your price will move up and down with the market- not the whims of your supplier.

About your Tankfarm preferred supplier in

Your Tankfarm supplier will:
  • Install and/or inspect your propane tank/s
  • Deliver your fuel when needed
  • Respond to any service inquiries you may have
  • Bill you for your propane directly
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Tankfarm Member Benefits

Lower propane prices

Average propane savings
of $300-$500 annually

A price indexed to the
wholesale price of propane

No lock-ins or
unfavorable terms

Great service from a top
local propane supplier

The Tankfarm Member
Services Team to help at
any time